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  • Azha Whitening Cream 75 Ml - Aoffer
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Azha Whitening Cream 75 Ml

سعر عادي LE 100.00 EGP
سعر عادي LE 125.00 EGP سعر البيع LE 100.00 EGP
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شامل الضريبة. شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.
Powerful day moisturizer
Contains SPF + 20
Lightens and unifies your skin in 14 days
Safe to use to lighten sensitive areas
And more than 11 natural substances, and it is safe for children, pregnant and lactating women
How to use:
It is used twice a day, and placed before the make-up
Or being out in the sun for 20 minutes