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Lifebouy Mild Care Anti Bacterial Body Wash 300 Ml

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Sensitive skin requires a balance between protection and care.

The special formula of Lifebuoy Gentle Care Lotion contains the goodness of a milk cream that leaves the skin soft and smooth. Its advanced formula is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin and provide 10 times better protection against the toughest germs. Contains Active Silver Formula, a powerful antibacterial ingredient that penetrates and eliminates germs completely from within. It's time to protect yourself and your loved ones with Lifebuoy, the world's #1 germ protection soap.

Bathing in this gentle care anti-bacterial body wash will refresh your senses. The rich lather penetrates deep into your pores, removing germs and leaving your skin feeling protected, clean and refreshed. Stay protected with Lifebuoy!

For a better experience, wet a loofah and pour 2-3 drops of body wash on it. Squeeze the loofah to make a lather, then rub all over. Wash well with water.

Easy to use guide for kids! Don't worry after sleeping that your kids will keep dropping the bar of soap. Lifebuoy's rich, lathering shower gel easily reaches the most hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the back of the neck, between the toes, and behind the ears. Now you can be sure that your baby has washed off all the dirt and germs when he showers alone.

Our skin is the first line of defense from the outside world. Therefore, personal hygiene is the first element of protection that our skin needs. Good personal hygiene protects against the spread of germs, such as bacteria, that can lead to infection as well as banishing body odor. Choose a body wash for your family from a globally recognized brand - Lifebuoy Recognized by the Royal Society of Public Health, London for its efforts to spread awareness about hygiene and in particular with regard to handwashing with soap as a disease prevention measure.