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  • Vaseline Coca Butter Healing jelly 250ML VASELINE
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Vaseline Coca Butter Healing jelly 250ML

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  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter, purity guaranteed. Healing Skin care for dull skin, cracked skin, or dry skin.
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is made with 100% triple-purified natural jelly.
  • Gentle moisturizer for your skin, dermatologist-tested, and non-comedogenic (won't clog pores).
  • Contains cocoa butter, and shea butter which is known to nourish your skin, and reveal skin's natural radiance
  • Heals dry skin and dry hands for glowing radiance with non-greasy, rich moisturization
OverviewThe Vaseline Jelly Cocoa Butter formula works to help heal dull, dry skin and gives your skin a natural radiant and healthy look. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has long been used to help heal dry skin and is effective at locking in moisture. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter combines the dry skin healing benefits of Vaseline Jelly, with cocoa and shea butter, which are known to nourish your skin. It forms a protective barrier, to seal in moisture deep within the skin's surface layers and to enhance the skin's natural recovery. With its moisturising properties, it is great for tackling dull, dry skin and is suitable for sensitive skin types as well. Especially suitable for particularly rough areas like elbows, knees, and heels. Simply apply Vaseline Jelly Cocoa Butter daily to deeply condition, relieve, and rejuvenate dry skin. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter is made with triple-purified petroleum jelly. Vaseline wonder jelly has also been dermatologist tested and is a non-comedogenic skin protectant, meaning it won't clog your pores. These factors make it perfect for daily use. The convenient, recyclable, flip cap jar makes it easy to access the moisturising power inside with just one hand. Choose Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter and you can maintain smooth, glowing skin all year round.